Bearer Share Corporation


A Bearer Share Corporation is a corporation that is owned by whoever is in material possession of shares. Bearer shares are negotiable without endorsement and transferred by delivery. Accordingly, no record of ownership is maintained.


Transfer of land rights would be associated with the physical transfer of paper shares, and anyone who wanted to could easily participate by taking physical possession of a share. And shares could be copied by anyone and reshared, increasing the number of shareholders while creating a positive deflationary network effect.

A Bearer Share Corporation could be incorporated in the United States in either Delaware ("S" Type Incorporation) or Nevada ("C" Structure Incorporation). Also, employing the form of a corporation might create stronger legal protections for the commons via protections enjoyed by Corporations in the US, and might additionally shelter owner/shareholders from individual legal liability.


Is a corporation, a potentially strategic but structurally antidemocratic form, an appropriate model for a public domain?